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Re: cdrecord and dma for cd

OoO Lors de la soirée naissante du dimanche 09 mars 2003, vers 17:22,
Grzesiek Sedek <jesi@jinxt.net> disait:

>> Link /dev/dvd to /dev/scd0.
>> To activate DMA, you can use hdparm or echo using_dma:1 >
>> /proc/ide/hdb/settings

> Thats what I had before but dvd's seem to be bit jerky and as Gary
> Sandine wrote before using ide + dma doesn't improve it at all. 
> Just wander if there is a way to get same playback quality like in mac
> os? 

The big problem is that it is not possible (yet) to use the MPEG2
decoder which is on the ATI since it is not well documented by
ATI. Under Mac OS, the ATI decodes itself (at least partially) the
MPEG2 stream from the DVD but under Linux, it is the main proc and a
general-purpose processor is not very good to do that.

You can try other players, like mplayer. The performance difference
between them can be important.
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