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Re: cdrecord and dma for cd

OoO En ce début d'après-midi ensoleillé du dimanche 09 mars 2003, vers
15:06, Grzesiek Sedek <jesi@jinxt.net> disait:

> Ive got this problem:
> I need ide-scsi to burn cd's but at the same time I'd like to watch
> dvd's - so I need dma access.
> How to do it? I've linked /dev/dvd to /dev/hdb but it didn't help.
> Is there any quick fix for that?
> I'm running ibook2 600Mhz combo

Link /dev/dvd to /dev/scd0.
To activate DMA, you can use hdparm or echo using_dma:1 >
panic("IRQ, you lose...");
	2.2.16 /usr/src/linux/arch/mips/sgi/kernel/indy_int.c

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