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Re: SFTP/SCP much slower than FTP

> Do a quick test to see if the blowfish algoritm gives higher speed. This
> takes less cpu power to process than the default one.
> I usually use that on low-end machines (I don't have a Mac, but I have
> Amigas, 486's and 133MHz RS/6000's which sometimes need it, and an
> AmigaOne which kinda doesn't need it (as it's running rather fast at
> 700MHz :-) )
thanks for the reply,

after doing this, what sort of xfer speeds do you usualy get on your low-end

i still find it odd that i would get the same transfer speeds using sFTP on
these two machines: the 8500/250 is nearly 3x faster than the 8100/100!

any other ideas?



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