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Re: RC5-72 dnetc

Le samedi, 8 mar 2003, à 10:45 Europe/Zurich, Ole-Egil Hvitmyren a écrit :

David Ulrich wrote:


Is there a dnetc app for RC5 prject on debian powerpc?


Whatcha mean "on debian powerpc"? The only place the dnetc client should be downloaded is from distributed.org. I am currently getting 2.3Mkeys/s RC5 and 9.0Mnodes/s OGR on my AmigaOne running 2.4.19 and Debian unstable, I suggest you try the same :-) )

Okay, I just have a small problem on the install, but now it's okay but I don't have good result on RC5-72:

PowerMac G4 (MPC7450; core #7) 867MHz on OSX: 8'327'103Key/s

PowerMac 9500MP (dual PPC 604e; core #0) 2x 180MHz on debian 2.4.20 SMP: 2x 276'824Key/s or 2x 2'057'723nodes/s

Ibook Ice G3 (MPC740; core #4) 500MHz sous 10.2.4: 1'497'000Key/s

The dnetc app isn't very optimal on PPC604 and on linux.....

THX ;)

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