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Re: Altgr on iBook

> Search the list archives for altgr for the last couple of months, a
> solution was found I believe.
> If someone would like to contribute a little writeup about this, I could 
> add it to the install manual's post-install section.

I saw this old problem on the powerpc list. I've been messing with my grey & 
white iBook keyboard mapping (in order to fix the console cmd/alt confusion). 
I discovered that AltGr is mapped by default to 'fn'+'alt/option'. It's wierd 
because both Alt keys generate Alt normally, but both generate AltGr when the 
'fn' is pressed, too.

Unfortunately, there's no left Apple "logo" key, and fn+logo doesn't generate 
the normal keycode. In X, it generates 222 instead of 116. Putting keycode 
222 = Multi_Key in the .xmodmap sets that right, but I would like to get it 
into the mac usb keyboard definition.

Anyway, thought you might still be interested (after a year!)


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