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Re: some help here please

On 6 Mar 2003, [ISO-8859-1] José Salavert Torres wrote:
> I need to the name of a document that apple made about making clone macs
> from oher companies, I don't remembeer the name and I lost it :-(

This one (from asm/hydra.h)?

 *      Macintosh Technology in the Common Hardware Reference Platform
 *      Apple Computer, Inc.
 *      © Copyright 1995 Apple Computer, Inc. All rights reserved.
 *  It's available online from http://chrp.apple.com/MacTech.pdf.
 *  You can obtain paper copies of this book from computer bookstores or by
 *  writing Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Inc., 340 Pine Street, Sixth Floor, San
 *  Francisco, CA 94104. Reference ISBN 1-55860-393-X.

chrp.apple.com no longer exists, but I still have a copy on CDR.



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