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some help here please

Well this is not an error or question about linux but I thought that ths
was the best place to ask.

I'm searching for information about powermacs architecture in order to
make a work for the University and It's eery difficult for me to find
information related to last powermacs and PPC 7455:

-Memory map (directionable bytes...), memory achitecture (CAS/RAS etc
this is like pc's DDR I hope where to find).
-Input/output, interruptions treatment.
-Caché behaivour(write through, write back) for the three levels.
-DMA controllers and other pheripheral controllers (keylargo).

I just ask because I think that people that works in the kernel may
know. I've found some information in developer.apple.com and in
motorola's webpage (semiconductors section).

I will join all the urls to make a source of all about this. I think
this is more necesary than my work.

I need to the name of a document that apple made about making clone macs
from oher companies, I don't remembeer the name and I lost it :-(

thanks to everybody.

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