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Re: installing debian on a external firewire disk

On Wed, 2003-03-05 at 19:56, florian wrote:
> hi!
> a friend of mine would like to give debian a try, however
> he doesnt have the space on his local harddisk. so.. is
> there a way install debian on a external firewire harddisk?
> thanks alot in advance!

It's currently a bit tricky. The main reasons are that

 - ofpath (in yaboot) doesn't quite know how to build OF path
to firewire hard disks. This can be worked around with manual
tweaking of the bootloader though

 - The kernel cannot currently have sbp2 built-in and root
from it. So you need to boot via some kind of initrd that
contains the sbp2 module, loads it, waits for the disk to
show up on the bus, and then pivot_root


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