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Re: debian on the XServ


Thank you fro your help.  I do have some questions though. 

XServe Documentation

First, made a new kernel from the development sources of benh  
(http://penguinppc.org/dev/kernel.shtml, Tree linux_2_4_benh).
The kernel was compiled with make-kpgk kernel_image, so that it can  
easily be installed later.
Does it need to be this particular tree.  Right now i am using debians 2.4.20 kernel I compiled for the powerpc.  I can't tell what version the linux_2_4_benh would be.  With my 2.4.20 compile i do have firewire compiled in the kernel.

XServe set to Target-Disk-Mode (hold down t during boot) and then  
connected via firewire to my powerbook.
I held the t down and got the moving icon but can not still access via firewire.

I have a kernel with firewire compiled but have not been able to use it yet.  I don't know how to connect the 2 boxes through firewire.  I have a cable going from one to the other at the moment but my working box has not yet mounted a firewire device just yet.  Can you help with some sujestions to get this started?

Thank you,

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