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Re: starmax 3000 boot settings

On Tue, Mar 04, 2003 at 14:18:31 +0000, Nicholas Helps composed:
> Hello all,
> on my HD and I also can't find a quik.conf file. Without either of these, I would imagine that linux can't boot. 
> It might also explain why all the common suggestions for solving problems by entering "default values" (like 
> debian, or linux, or vmlinux) don't work.

as to an /etc/quik.conf file i'll attach a default one to this email;
you'll need one. you'll also need to "make system bootable" again, and
double chek that everything is still what you set it to. in the
installer's vt2, you can call up nano-tiny as an editor (if you don't
know that already =). 

it is *VERY* weird that there isn't a quik.conf file, and that your
kernel got named rclinux instead of vmlinux to put it mildly...

oh yeh, the "/boot/vmlinux" in the file should be named to the actuall
kernel name in /boot that you will booting from. the boot-file setting
for OF can be set to Linux if the default= in quik.conf is 'Linux', but
it's not really needed. btw, a couple of little things: to boot into
single user mode (root), do 'boot Linux single', and regular would be
'boot' or 'boot Linux'. though for quirky quik reasons this doesn't work
well unless auto-boot? is set to false - the 'halt' command in order to
stop the boot process is pretty fubar.

well, TMI, sorry 'bout that, heh. good luck

> Many thanks in advance,
> Nick.
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# Example of how can be quik.conf set up
timeout = 100
default = linux
image = /boot/vmlinux
	label = linux
image = /boot/vmlinux.old
	label = old

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