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RE: pmud 0.10-4 not waking ibook2 800MHz.

yes you are 100% right!
much better now!

On Mon, 3 Mar 2003, Pisupati, Ajay wrote:

> Hi,
> 	True.  I have seen that posting about the Radeon chip not being put
> into sleep mode and it is also true that the ibook uses more power in linux
> mode than it does in OSX.  But, just having it go to "sleep" and "waking" up
> is _much_ better than having it going blank on you and having to reboot
> everytime it does right? :)
> -ajay
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> Subject: Re: pmud 0.10-4 not waking ibook2 800MHz.
> That's a work around in drivers/video/radeonfb.c.
> So the Radeonchip isn't put to sleep. The Ibook uses up more
> power than in Mac OS X sleep, but it works for now.
> Someone posted how much energy is wasted by this.
> I thought the numbers were:
> 13%/24h Energy loss in Mac OS X sleep
> 24%/24h Energy loss in linux sleep
> Eric Böse-Wolf
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