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RE: pmud 0.10-4 not waking ibook2 800MHz.

	True.  I have seen that posting about the Radeon chip not being put
into sleep mode and it is also true that the ibook uses more power in linux
mode than it does in OSX.  But, just having it go to "sleep" and "waking" up
is _much_ better than having it going blank on you and having to reboot
everytime it does right? :)

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That's a work around in drivers/video/radeonfb.c.
So the Radeonchip isn't put to sleep. The Ibook uses up more
power than in Mac OS X sleep, but it works for now.

Someone posted how much energy is wasted by this.
I thought the numbers were:
13%/24h Energy loss in Mac OS X sleep
24%/24h Energy loss in linux sleep

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