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Mozilla 1.2.1 for Woody PowerPC?

Does anyone, anywhere have a Debian package for Mozilla 1.2.1 for PowerPC that is built against Woody?

I realize I could use apt pinning to get a later package out of testing or unstable, but what I'd really like is a 1.2.1 that wasn't built against testing or unstable's dependencies.

I'm using the Mozilla 1.0 that is provided by Woody, and I'm constantly hit by the same bugs. I'd like to try out some new bugs instead, for variety.

The problems I have is that message windows stop responding to text input (although I can save as a draft, and then open the draft to continue), windows stop responding while scrolling, so that junk is repeatedly drawn in the window while it continues to scroll, opening the mail and news window causes the browser window behind to go to find.com or some such, and some other problems.

I've been using 1.2.1 on windows and it works much better. If I could get 1.2.1 to run on woody, I'd probably be happy.

Building Mozilla from source is a big job. I don't want to do it unless I absolutely have to.

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