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Re: unresolved symbol errors, trying to run XFree86 -configure

On Fre, 2003-02-07 at 06:17, Ryan Singer wrote:
> Now I get the following in the error log:
> [drm] failed to load kernel module "r128"
> (II) R128(0): [drm] drmOpen failed
> (EE) R128(0): [dri] DRIScreenInit failed.  Disabling DRI.
> (II) R128(0): Memory manager initialized to (0,0) (1024,8191)
> (II) R128(0): Reserved area from (0,768) to (1024,770)
> (II) R128(0): Largest offscreen area available: 1024 x 7421
> (==) R128(0): Backing store disabled
> (==) R128(0): Silken mouse enabled
> (II) R128(0): Using XFree86 Acceleration Architecture (XAA)
> 	Screen to screen bit blits
> 	Solid filled rectangles
> 	8x8 mono pattern filled rectangles
> 	Indirect CPU to Screen color expansion
> 	Solid Lines
> 	Dashed Lines
> 	Scanline Image Writes
> 	Offscreen Pixmaps
> 	Setting up tile and stipple cache:
> 		32 128x128 slots
> 		32 256x256 slots
> 		16 512x512 slots
> (II) R128(0): Acceleration enabled
> (II) R128(0): Using hardware cursor (scanline 1540)
> (II) R128(0): Largest offscreen area available: 1024 x 7419
> (II) R128(0): Direct rendering disabled
> The screen flashes w/ some colored lines and boxes, then goes black
> and the breathing-power-button-light on the front blinks until I
> hold cmd-ctrl-alt-del to get back to the shell.

This doesn't show any fatal errors. Can the monitor handle the mode it's

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XFree86 and DRI project member   /  CS student, Free Software enthusiast

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