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tftp boot troubles (IBM p655)


I have six shiny new IBM p655 nodes and I can't do a thing with

I'll save AIX aches for else where, but my Debian problem is that I
can't seem to get them to tftpboot (and they have no removable media).

the get IP and the boot file name correctly from the DHCP server via
BOOTP, but they try and tftp from rather than the
server I specify as "next-server" in the dhcp entry for the host or
the reasonable default of trying the BOOTP server's address.

I've tried various and sundry things at the OpenFirmware prompt, but I
can't seem to find any info on the boot command syntax and my setenv's
aren't helping any either.

So I guess the short question is either:

How do I specify IP,Gateway,tftp-server,boot-file at the openfirmware


Where can I get decent documentation on it?


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