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Re: howto for compiling of deb packages

On Wed, Dec 25, 2002 at 10:52:32AM +0100, Roland Wegmann wrote:
> Hello
> I have to know how you can build deb packages from source. Could somebody
> tell me if there exists an apt-get(able) doc package that introduces me
> in the topic of compiling your own deb packages from source?

If it is from debian source in unstable etc., it is as easy as:

 $ su -c "apt-get build-dep your-package"
 $ apt-get source your-package
 $ cd your-package
 ... hack source
 $ fakeroot ./debian/rules binary

> Or if someone of you know links/howtos etc. with information about
> building debian packages, let me know, too.
> Thanks in advance for helping me

If you are asking question like this, I do not think you visited our web
site enough :)  Check:


Then, you should check not only maint-guide but few more documentations
like FAQ.

 # apt-get install maint-guide doc-debian developers-reference debian-policy

Also read my reference as a *user* level initiation.

 # apt-get install debian-reference-en

It's chapter 6 gives good overview.

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