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Re: Activating L3 cache on a Crescendo G4 400 card (powerMac 7300)


Now the cache is enabled. I get the same Value as the GrabG3Cache Settings
app in the l2cr file. So seems to be OK. I'll try to do some benchmarks
during next week just to try to 'see' the difference more precisely ...

Thanx for your help !!

>> I changed the TypeCreator of the extension from Crescendo in order
>> to load it first. Seems that it is a little faster (mostly the
>> graphical interface. More responsive ). But nothing appears in
>> /proc/cpuinfo
>> The L2 cahce from the motherborad (256k) is still there and nothing
>> else. What test (speed test) could let me know if there is a
>> difference between the 2 configurations (Crescendo ext loaded or
>> not)?
>> Thanx
> Try to 'cat /proc/sys/kernel/l2cr', and see if there's a setting that
> indicates if the cache is activated or not with the Crescendo extension
> loading or not.  There should be a part of the message saying whether
> or nor the cache is activated.  Unfortunately, I don't have access to
> my desktop, and won't for another couple of weeks - so I can't provide
> any more detailed information.  As to CPU benchmarking tests, there're
> so many out there, and I don't know enough to comment about the best
> for your situation. For my work, I use an in-house FFT routine that is
> coded into the software package we utilize (AFNI), and beyond that - a
> timed linux kernel compile.
> cheers
> vinai

   Philippe Teissier

  ** ICQ : 16946127 ** 

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