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Re: New kernel problem

At 14:55 +0100 12/24/02, Laurent Decreusefond wrote:
>I am trying to compile a new kernel on my PowerBook G3 (under woody) to
>enable ip_masquerading (if there exists one such precompiled kernel, I am
>interested). I downloaded 2.4.21 sources, make xconfig, make dep, make
>clean, make vmlinux, make modules, make modules_install, copied vmlinux in
>Linux Kernels on my MAC OS files system, copied System.map in /boot.
>The reboot is OK except that my keyboard is totally erratic (1 is mapped
>to e, 2 to r and so on).
>Is there something special in the configuration I missed ?

Verify your /usr/src/linux${VERSION}/.config with /boot/config-working-version

Geert St
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