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PowerPC boot disks


As mentioned in the past, there is a new PowerPC board for consumers called "AmigaOne", and we have been porting the Linux kernel+some drivers to it.

I run Debian Woody on mine and of what does work, works quite well.

I would like to help Debian support this board as a flavour of PPC (if Debian is interested in that), since I am new to this, would anyone be able to tell me what the procedure for this is? I.e Who do I contact, and what do they require? A kernel package assumedly, plus install guide and install disks..

I have also created some "install disks" for the AmigaOne too, based on the PReP install disks, and an install guide for end users.

The PReP disks needs to be changed a bit to suit the AmigaOne better, I have the source code, but I am finding it a bit of a mess to follow, is the maintainer of the powerpc install disks on this list?




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