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Re: ibook, still questions

Le vendredi 20 décembre 2002, à 02:21 , Michel Dänzer a écrit :
On Fre, 2002-12-20 at 14:13, Frank Gevaerts wrote:
On Fri, Dec 20, 2002 at 02:04:29PM +0100, Michel D?nzer wrote:
On Don, 2002-12-19 at 18:10, Cyril Thévenet wrote:

My computer is an ibook2 700, screen 14", with (I believe) a M6LY ATI
Radeon Mobility.

My kernel is benh's 2.4.20-pre7 (and I'm not sure I installed it

I join my XF86Config-4(I already tryed at least 1000 different
versions of this file), my xdm.log and my XFree86.0.log.

You should really use the r128 driver with Option "UseFBDev" instead of
the fbdev driver.

r128 ? I would say radeon...

Right, or simply "ati", which works for all ATI chips.

I tried the 3 solutions, but nothing solves the problem. I also tried without the option video=ofonly in my yaboot.conf but the result wasn't more convincing.

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