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Re: I'd like open the CD-ROM unit from Firmware

On Thu, Dec 19, 2002 at 09:53:22 +0000, Heissu composed:
>    Hi!
>       I want to do that is in the subject. Everyone can help me?

well, let me peruse my printed copy of the OF quick ref. from

looking around i see...

devalias 	- shows all device aliases (the video, cdrom, etc.)
dev (device-path) - select indicated device node making it the current
ls		- display current node's children
words		- display the names of the the current node's methods

probe-scsi-all	- if u got SCSI busses, probes all the SCSI busses on
		the box and IDs them
test-all (device-specifier) - tests the nodes with a (built-in) self-test
		method below the current node

node:		e.g.: /pci/scsi is the name property of a node i.e., the SCSI
		host on the PCI bus.
device-specifier: e.g.: /pci/scsi@7/disk@3:2,\boot\vmlinux.gz 
		PCI bus, SCSI host adapter at PCI device #7, and a disk
		at SCSI target #3 (i.e., SCSI ID3), partition #2, and a
		file named /boot/vmlinux.gz ('\' not '/',  cuz '/' can't be passed
		in arguements in OF.)

well, anyway, proabably not what you wanted, but check that website for
the quick reference page, it's pretty easy to find.

>          Thanks!
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