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Mysterious drive access and battery life

Hello all,

	I am the proud owner of a 700 MHz 12.1" iBook2. Debian sid is working perfectly on it (with sleep and dri and everything!) and running faster than MacOS X. Go figure.
	There's just one problem. After changing my setup in accordance with the information on http://bulmalug.net/body.phtml?nIdNoticia=1511 and http://bulmalug.net/body.phtml?nIdNoticia=1481&nIdPage=5, I was able to get pmud working. However, the hard drive is accessed once every couple of seconds, preventing it from spinning down properly. This knocks a good hour or so off my battery life. In an attempt to figure out exactly what's going on, I dropped into single user mode and set the drive spindown delay to 5 seconds. The clicks that accompany drive access continued... Has anyone had a similar experience?
	Thanks to everyone for all their help on this list!



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