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Re: PowerMac 7500 with MAXpowrMP booting 2.4.20 in MP mode - some trouble

On Tue, Dec 10, 2002 at 09:32:33PM -0500, simonraven@istop.com wrote:

> pages of Forth code? then u have a patch in there - usually to sync
> video, disk (?), and OF properly (it has issues with the disk and OF syncing 
> like the 7200 does, but on the 7500 can get an OF console on the box - no 
> need for a serial cable). what u could do if u really want to have that 

> simon/

Um....when I loaded Darwin on my 7500 back when it
first came out and had to deal with its
OpenFirmware, I'm 100% sure that I could not pull up
the OF console without using a serial cable hooked
up to another mac and using its vterm.
I thought this was true for all
PowerMac 7500s because there was a firmware bug. (I
did see a forth patch which may or may not have
fixed this problem.)

ps. good to see someone else using a 7500.


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