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Re: New to PPC


On Fri, 2002-12-13 at 14:28, Shawn Powers wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm new to the debian crowd, but have been the sysadmin of many RedHat
> servers for years.  I have an original 66Mhz bus "snow" ibook, and
> desperately want to use debian on it.  I assure you I have tried to RTFM
> (mailing list archive, google searches, install guides, etc) for a long
> time before emailing this...
> I have gotten this far:  X works, not accelerated, but I can handle
> working on that later.  Sound works.  Power Management works.  I have not
> tried USB, Firewire, or video out.  The big kicker is that I can't get my
> network to work.  I installed via ethernet, but after I followed the
> directions at ibooklinux.net to install a precompiled benh kernel --
> ethernet is broken.  (I did add the alias gmac eth0 line to modules.conf,
> didnt' help)

That should be "alias eth0 gmac"

> It appears that my airport card has taken the role of eth0, and my
> ethernet port is nowhere to be found.  I haven't tried to set up the
> airport card yet, but running ifconfig shows teh MAC address of my airport
> card for eth0.  I would like to have airport working, so I can use it at
> home, but again -- one step at a time. :)
> Sorry to send out the "help me I can't get my computer working" email, but
> I really do want to use debian, and not have to install OSX again.


/Bastien Nocera

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