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Re: drm-trunk

OoO Lors de la soirée naissante du dimanche 08 décembre 2002, vers
18:14, Jean-Paul Vincent <jpvincent1@wanadoo.fr> disait:

>> You may want to prefix all the commands by "LANG=C". This may avoid
>> many problems.

> No change:

> parsechangelog/debian: error: badly formatted trailer line, at changelog line 5
> dh_installchangelogs: changelog parse failure
> make[1]: *** [kdist_image] Erreur 1
> make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/modules/drm-trunk'
> Module /usr/src/modules/drm-trunk failed.
> Hit return to Continue

I think it is because the changelog is already written. The simple way
is to delete the whole directory and to detar it again.
BOFH excuse #77:
Typo in the code

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