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Re: Problem with newest xserver-xfree86-dri-trunk package on iBook2

OoO En ce milieu de nuit étoilée du dimanche 08 décembre 2002, vers
03:24, "Kevin B. McCarty" <kmccarty@Princeton.EDU> disait:

> I just installed the latest xserver-xfree86-dri-trunk (version
> 2002.11.06-2) on my iBook2, upgrading from 2002.10.02-2.  My version of
> xserver-xfree86 (the stock Debian package) is 4.2.1-4.  I am writing
> because my X server worked perfectly, until the upgrade caused startx to
> fail.  For an instant the X screen appears, but distorted diagonal streaks 
> of color appear over the cross-hatching; then X dies with signal 11.

It may be a problem with TTF rendering (and you use them very early so
you are not able to launch your environment, try to start X with "X"
and launch Mozilla, then on www.yahoo.com, you will get a
segfault). The two solutions are to
 - change the rendering engine for TTF (don't know what is the second
 - use older dri-trunk.
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