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Re: Motorola-Powerstack4000 install problem (scsi)

On Sat, Dec 07, 2002 at 02:52:37PM +0100, Mario Urban wrote:


> i have problems installing woody on a powerstack4000 (604e300Mhz).

the same with me, only mine has only 200MHz, and i don't know the
number. Only "PowerStack".

> the support for the ncr53c8xx scsi-controller is broken.
> the prep-bootdiskette seems not to support other scsi-chipsets.

try the kernel on


Phillippe uses it for an rs6000, but it came past my SCSI-Controller,
by using another one. My only problem is: It (and none else i found)
has Net-Support compiled in. Because i _have_ to boot over TFTP/NFS (no
cdrom, no floppy), it can't mount a root-fs.

> i need a fixed bootdiskette, but the links to fownload i found were dead.
> who can tell me a link for downlad a fixed prep-bootdiskette?

I don't know a link to a boot-disk which works, but if you get one, please
tell me! I can't manage to compile a powerpc-prep kernel on my x86
box... I even tried modifying another config, but it insisted on being
an x86 in the config, it wouldn't even let me _configure_ fon a
powerpc. So i need someone to get a kernel from. (i think it has a
generic DEC - NIC, according to some web-page i don't remember the URL

hope that helped a little,


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