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Re: ati driver & xfree86

On Fre, 2002-12-06 at 20:02, Simon Vallet wrote: 
> I saw recently on this list that it was possible to get hardware acceleration
> by using the 'ati' driver, but unfortunatly I can't get it right ... 
> When I start X, my screen gets black as if it was sleeping after a few seconds ; 
> switching to the console and 'ps'ing shows that the server is running, and WMaker also :

So apparently the monitor doesn't like the mode the X server uses.

> (**) ATI(0): Using CRT interface and disabling digital flat panel.

Is this correct? What machine and monitor is it?

> (**) ATI(0): Mode "1024x768": 74.9 MHz, 56.4 kHz, 70.0 Hz

One advice would have been to make sure the same mode as in console is
used, but that already seems to be the case...

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