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Re: install MacOSX after Debian GNU/Linux

On Thu, 5 Dec 2002, Charles R.Twardy wrote:

> Why do we need to put the Apple_Bootstrap partition in 2 (or nearby)?

in case something went wrong or in case you wippee the PRAM, the boot
process on the Mac is to check the partition in ordered way, to find one
partition wich is bootable.
if your Apple_Bootstrap, with yaboot and ofboot script is present in
position 2 you're sure that the machine will boot on this one. this
eliminate some magic and vaudou open firmware incantation.

is it possible to use an Apple_Bootstrap partition in any position, but
it's easier to hold it on position 2 (or at least as the first one
behind all the crappy mac-os9 patch/driver partition)

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