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Re: install MacOSX after Debian GNU/Linux

Why do we need to put the Apple_Bootstrap partition in 2 (or nearby)?

I too have had Jaguar move it to 15. And I moved it back to 2. And it moved it to 15. So I said, "fine" and changed my fstab and yaboot to comply with the imperious Jaguar. Meaning my Apple_Bootstrap is now after both my Jaguar HFS+ (was 10 now 9) and my Linux (was 11-15 now 10-14) partitions.

Seems to work fine. And maybe now Jaguar won't move it any more next time I have to (augh) reinstall OS X.

Am I missing the creepy music or something....?

On Friday, November 1, 2002, at 12:25 PM, Eric Deveaud wrote: [SNIPPED!]
Has anyone tried to install MacOS X after Linux ?
And yes MacOSX wipped the OF boot-device and so on (as printenv shows me
under OF)

install disk and switching to the shell, that my partition scheme was

When I installed linux, I've reordered my parition in order to have the
Apple_Bootstrap in position 2 (it was physicaly the 9th).
MacOS X instalation put it back on position 9.

just using the mac-fdisk r, to restore the partition order, and
running ybin command restored the things

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