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Re: Quicksilver Install problem

On Wed, 4 Dec 2002, Yojimbo wrote:

>   can't you exaplain better what should I do? I am a linux linux newbie.

in this case switch the disk to the ATA66 bus, and follow the Xavier

>   I have read the yaboot configuration manual and i have not understood
> waht exactly is
> the Boot Menu, and i need to use MacOS X/9 and linux both.

boot on a MacOS install CD, partition your hard-disk in at list 3
1 for MacOSX
1 for MacOS 9
1 left as free space for linux

install MacOS 9
install MacOS X

after this 2 stages, everithing should be OK
install linux, reading the doc here
set-up yaboot using the Xavier's tips according to your partition


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