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Re: New Ibook out today- possible problems?

> Ok, I'm going to setup an email address to collect petitions for ATI,
> which I'll announce shortly on this list; and perhaps the regular debian ppc
> list as well.  
> Michel, do you or Ben have any suggestions as to what
> would motivate ATI as far as what data we should collect?  I'm thinking
> just model, video card chipset, email address, and a short
> blurb like "I sure would buy more ATI stuff if there was linux support".  
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks,

ATI finally replied ;) They didn't send any infos yet, they need to
spend engineering time setting up a sample code for us, and their
engineers were busy doing higher priority stuffs.

It's still interesting to "count" ourselves. The interesting datas
to collect are:

 - Machine model (cat /proc/cpuinfo, "machine" line)
 - Video chip model (lspci)


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