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Re: Woody Install Error

I'm also stumped trying to do a Debian install on a PowerPC with the .iso file downloaded via ftp. The disk image simply looked wrong - some bad file extensions and 0 K files. I DID manage get it to work up to a point using a minimum install file in a mac compressed .sit format from a Linux on iMac site. Since it is a Mac format file it decompresses perfectly. My buest guess is that your (and my) ftp downloader software is doing something odd to the file.

What are you using to ftp? (it needs to be in binary mode for example)

Try this .sit file. I got it to run but I'm now stuck cos the booter App cant find the linux kernal on my file structure. I'll look for the link.....


OK... link is here....


I be interested to hear if you can get this to work, cos like I said, I'm stumped at the download the kernal stage.

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