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Re: newbie tiBook questions

Le lun 30/09/2002 à 15:58, Jim McLoughlin a écrit :
> Hi Christophe
> Thanks for the reply.
> >> - get better power/thermal mgmt going - it runs extremely hot with the
> >> default kernel, hopefull this will help cool things off.
> >
> > With the default woody kernel the laptop was very hot quickly (scary)
> > but everything seems fine since I have installed the last benh kernel.
> > For that I have used the default config (the one coming with the benh
> > source. I have since changed the ide-cd option from yes to module to be
> > able to use ide-scsi (I have not tried yet). I have also removed
> > radeon.o and r128.o to use the xfree stuff from michael (more below).
> I'm a bit ignorant at kernel compiles, so my specific questions would 
> be:
> - where is the default config file and how do I invoke it?  (a simple 
> ./configure in the src root?)

The file is .config at the root of the source but don't edit it

> - how do I remove radeon.o and r128.o?

Use 'make menuconfig' (you will need ncurses dev package) or 
'make xconfig'. I don't remember where they are (I believe in the
"character devices' menu (I will try to be specific enough on my page). 

> - which gcc are you using?
The debian default: 2.95... IIRC

> But I'll wait on your config description...

Yes so you will use make-kpkg
> >> - setup X properly so I can use windowmaker
> >
> > I can send you my XConfig but can't help you with Windowmaker because I
> > am an happy gnome2 user (from debian/experimental).
> No problem with windowmaker, I mainly need a good Xconfig.  Once that 
> is set, windowmaker is easy to start from .xinitrc
> > I have first installed X4.2 from branden but was not able do get
> > something working then I have installed the deb from michael and got a
> > good X config. I have since compiled from source the dri-trunk stuff
> > from michael (after removing readeon.o and r128.o from the kernel),
> > added the "pre-install radeon agpgart" line (check the friday archive)
> > and I have now accelerated 3D.
> Sounds awesome.  I tried installing the .deb with the default kernel 
> and followed some of the example modelines, but was unable to get x 
> started.  I would get an error regarding no screens with valid modes 
> found.

I started there too.

> >> If anyone who has configured the same model tiBook could give me a 
> >> more
> >> definitive list of steps to take (kernel first, which xfree to use,
> >> which modeline to use (can I copy the xfconfig examples directly?),
> >> etc) in getting things online, I would be grateful.  I know this comes
> >> up often, I just couldn't figure out the proper path to take here.
> >
> > Hope this help, more are to come with the page I hope to publish
> > tonight.
> thanks in advance.  If it's specific enough, I'll probably wipe my 
> current install (it does not have much on it) and follow those 
> instructions from scratch to avoid any conflicts with botched kernel 
> compiles, packages, etc.


> cheers
> Jim M

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