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Re: Screen poweroff with an ibook

On Wed, Sep 18, 2002 at 03:05:44AM +0200, J. Volkmann wrote:
> Hello,
> as I use my laptop in classes, I sometimes don't use it for 20 or more
> Minutes. Is there a way to turn the screen off manually perhaps with a
> key shortcut?

If you turn the screen brightness down to zero with the F1/F2 keys, it
will turn the screen off.

> My laptop is an ibook2 with the radeon (2x USB, 700 MHz).
> Another thing: Is the ibook able to do a hot-switch of batteries?

You mean, without being connected to mains? There's only one battery, so
if it isn't getting power from somewhere, it goes off when you remove
it. Considering that you can easily get >4 hours off of one battery, I
haven't found that to be a problem :-)

|David M. Cooke                 http://arbutus.physics.mcmaster.ca/cookedm/

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