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Re: New kernel -> more heat ?

> > And yesterday I rsync'ed a new benh kernel, compiled it and booted it :
> > it works fine except that now the fan _never_ stops, where with the
> > previous kernel it only started while running some heavy simulation or
> > watching DVDs.
> In my experience the graphics chip and display produce quite a lot of
> heat. The environment also seems to matter. Sometimes it stays on almost
> constantly here, sometimes it stays off mostly.

OK. So the answer seems to be to stay out of X most of the time. That's
fine by me. But I'm still puzzled by the change in behaviour after
upgrading the kernel (that's the only thing I changed) ... Is there any
powerpc equivalent of the "Do APM Idle calls when idle" option on x86,
that would just have been disabled in the benh tree ? 

(Or could it simply be that the heat output was just below critical and
then the room temperature went up by half a degree ... No, I think the
laptop is perceivably hotter than it used to be.)

Thanks anyway,


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