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MOL crashing

Hi all,

I got mol-0.9.65 from: http://people.debian.org/~daenzer/mol/. It still
doesn't work for me. I also tried compiling from scratch, but mol dies
unexpectedly telling me that some thread died. I've attached the output.
It's also hung my machine up once.



Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 (Sid) (ibook2,powerpc), kernel 2.4.19-benh-rc3xfs

ICQ: 7181075

pub  1024D/CC1F67BC 2002-06-03 Menaka Lashitha Bandara (Freedom!)
     Key fingerprint = 1874 5597 C754 5209 0A7D  4DA6 9112 5D0E CC1F
Mac-on-Linux 0.9.65 Copyright (C) 1997-2002 Samuel Rydh
Config dir: /etc/mol
Data dir: /usr/share/mol
Session 0. Lockfile: /var/lock/mol-0
Removing stale lockfile /var/lock/mol-0
---> Removing unreleased MOL session
Debugger nub disabled
The session save/restore feature is disabled
OF device tree: oftrees/oftree.nw
Timebase frequency: 24.96 MHz
48MB RAM mapped at 0x40000000
Running in PowerPC G3 mode
Using Linux keycodes
Using nvram-image '/var/lib/mol/nvram.nw'
xvideo: X11 video depth 565
Could not open '/var/lib/mol/x11.kbd'
Video module 'xvideo' installed.
Running on VT 9.
Could not open '/var/lib/mol/console.kbd'
Using usb mouse on /dev/input/mice
Cache enabled for console-video
Video module 'console_video' installed.

MODE:  640* 480, depth 8,15   { 0.0 } Hz
MODE:  800* 600, depth 8,15   { 0.0 } Hz
MODE: 1024* 768, depth 8,15,32   { 60.0 } Hz
MODE: 1152* 864, depth 8,15   { 0.0 } Hz
MODE: 1280*1024, depth 8,15   { 0.0 } Hz
MODE: 1600*1200, depth 8,15   { 0.0 } Hz

No video mode match the default one.
Starting in video mode 640*480, depth 8, 0.0 Hz  [offs:0, rb:640]
Using /dev/dsp for sound output

HFS  images/moldisk.i MOL                <read-only>     0 MB 
HFS  /mnt/disks/macos MacOS 9            <read-write> 1000 MB BOOT

Loading 'System Folder:Mac OS ROM' from /mnt/disks/macos9

Mapping GC at 80800000
***** SIGNAL 1 [Hangup] in thread async-io thread *****
HUP: _pid 0, _uid 0
Exiting due to a crashed thread
cleaning up...
async: safe_state never reached!
async: safe_state never reached!
----> (console) VT_GETSETMODE: Input/output error

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