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Re: Sleep on desktop system?


> This is typically the case with all video cards. Almost each 
> modern video chip requires a complicated initialization sequence
> involving setting up of the chip's internal clock net, turning
> on the various PLLs, configuring the SGRAM controller, etc...
> along with blasting a couple of non documented registers controlling
> internal chip workarounds ...

Is this the case on laptops (read: 3rd gen tibook) too?


> Another solution, probably more realistic, would be to have some
> kind of small forth interpreter & OF emulator to be able to
> re-run the Open Firmware fcode of the card on wakeup. I'm quite
> sure the fcode for those cards relies only on a few support
> routines from the common OF support packages.

Assuming yes on the former question, would this work on the TiBook too?


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