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Re: pmud without timed shutdown?

> I've installed pmud on the departments Lombard and it works
> ok in that it halts the computer when closing the lid and
> also halts after a period of time.

It should suspend the Mac to sleep mode when closing the lid. Reopening
the lid and hitting a key should wake it up again. Does that work?

The 'halt after a period of time' definitely is some sort of bug. What
kernel version are you using, and what packages have you got installed on
your system? (please send the output of COLUMNS=120 dpkg -l > somefile by
separate mail to me, not to the list.)

> The problem is that I do not whant this behaviour of halting
> after a period of time. Also, the manual mentiones that pmud

I wouldn't want that to happen either. pmud doesn't do that sort of thing
for me, though (Summer 1999 Lombard, kernel 2.4.14-pre8-ben0, slightly
dated woody install).

> should behave differently (e.g. not halt after 30 minutes)
> when not working off battery..
> This is not true for me.. I get the same behaviour
> independent of whether the laptop is connected to external
> power or not.

pmud logs power state transitions and sleep/wakeup actions to the syslog
(it does also log its version and the PMU hardware version there on
startup). Please check your syslog to verify pmud is actually running.
And send a log excerpt of pmud's messages to the system log to me as


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