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Re: PowerPC kernel repository (was: Woody on IBM RS/6000 7025 F50)


I could not get a boot floppy to work whatsoever.  It would be nice to have
one as a rescue disk.  It would also be nice if the boot floppy images on
the debian website
worked as well.  Note, they might work on different rs6k's from mine.  I
only tested on a 150 and neither the ones on my old potato cdrom or from
the debian website worked.
That's why I went through so much trouble to build my own kernel.

I was not aware the newer boxes were sans floppies.  Do they have zip disks
now or are do they only support CD-ROMs as removable media?


From:  Rolf Brudeseth on 08/23/2002 01:32 PM

To:    John F Davis/Raleigh/IBM@ibmus, "debian-powerpc@lists.debian.org"
From:  Rolf Brudeseth/Austin/IBM@IBMUS
Subject:    Re: PowerPC kernel repository (was: Woody on IBM RS/6000 7025
       F50)  (Document link: John F Davis)

> Hello
> It sounds good to me.  I would like to contribute the rs6k effort on
> We need to get boot floppies which work as soon as possible.  Also, we
need to
> get working install cdroms.

What do you mean by boot floppies? Do you mean the boot-floppies installer
or bootable floppies? The former will be replaced by debian-installer on
sarge, while the latter is not supported on all RS6000/pSeries systems.
Some do not even have floppy drives anymore.

I am currently trying to figure out how to make a single CDs that is
bootable both on PREP and CHRP (IBM) systems. I have some anecdotal
evidence that there is more to it than just pointing to the boot image from
Open Firmware and/or setting up the /ppc/bootinfo.txt file correctly.
Another issue is the 'prep-boot' and 'generic-boot' switches for the
mkisofs command, which are used in creating PREP and CHRP bootable CDs,
respectively; are mutually exclusive according to the man page.


Rolf Brudeseth
pSeries System Engineering & Integration, IBM Enterprise Systems Group
Austin, TX

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