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Re: old imac: low memory software, framebuffer configuration

On Sat, 17 Aug 2002 11:18:32 -0700
Evan Martin <martine@cs.washington.edu> wrote:

> Chris Tillman wrote:
> >>Two major questions:
> >>- I'd like to use the web on this thing.  What are my options? 
> >>Running Mozilla is a joke-- just after startup top reports Mozilla
> >>alone using 70% of my RAM.  I looked at Skipstone, but is there
> >>anything else you can recommend?  (Opera?  Though it is non-free...)
> > 
> > Galeon uses Mozilla base, but is much leaner and meaner. Also,
> > Mozilla's reported memory usage is not as bad as it sounds...
> > there's an FAQ somewhere.
> Galeon uses GNOME, though, right?  That's a bunch more stuff to pull
> in right there.  Skipstone is similar to Galeon, AFAIK, but with fewer
> features and a dependency on only GTK (which I believe Mozilla depends
> on already).
> And Mozilla... well, switching between windows takes four seconds of 
> swapping.  Once a window is up it scrolls pretty fast, but as I browse
> around it gets slower and slower.
> I'm *really* starved for memory here.  You'd think 32 million bytes
> (256 million bits!) would be a lot.  ;)

You know, iMac ram is dirt cheap, why not just buy some?  I did a
machine for a client the other day (Grape/333 Slotloader), and I got her
into 256MB of ram for less than $50, try ramseeker.com or dealram.com


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