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Re: old imac: low memory software, framebuffer configuration

Chris Tillman wrote:
Two major questions:
- I'd like to use the web on this thing. What are my options? Running Mozilla is a joke-- just after startup top reports Mozilla alone using 70% of my RAM. I looked at Skipstone, but is there anything else you can recommend? (Opera? Though it is non-free...)

Galeon uses Mozilla base, but is much leaner and meaner. Also,
Mozilla's reported memory usage is not as bad as it sounds... there's
an FAQ somewhere.

Galeon uses GNOME, though, right? That's a bunch more stuff to pull in right there. Skipstone is similar to Galeon, AFAIK, but with fewer features and a dependency on only GTK (which I believe Mozilla depends on already).

And Mozilla... well, switching between windows takes four seconds of swapping. Once a window is up it scrolls pretty fast, but as I browse around it gets slower and slower.

I'm *really* starved for memory here. You'd think 32 million bytes (256 million bits!) would be a lot. ;)

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