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Re: Mozilla won't start on new Woody


Joss Winn wrote:


I've just installed Woody from CD and Mozilla won't start.  It just
hangs in the terminal and the mozilla-bin process stays idle.

The problem is that esddsp and mozilla don't work together for some reason (bug 151504). Strace doesn't show anything obvious (at least to me). Oh well.

But a bit of digging brought me to a related issue, which is that with esd running, "fuser /dev/dsp" at my command prompt returns nothing (where it should return a process number). This means that "mozilla &" at the command prompt works, but it doesn't work from the menu. (When I alter /usr/bin/mozilla to indicate the output of "fuser /dev/dsp", it gives the process number, so it's trying to run esddsp mozilla-bin...)

Another funny thing is that unlike on Intel, even with esd running, I can cat to /dev/dsp and it tries to play the output, though kind of broken up in bits and pieces. (On Intel it says permission denied.) Are these behaviors intentional?

This is with both 2.4.18-powerpc and 2.4.18-powerpc-xfs and the "audio" module (USB).


-Adam P.

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