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model 150 almost there


Thanks to the help of Hollis Blanchard, I almost have debian linux install
on my rs6000 model 150.  However I still need help.

Here's my situation I boot linux from netboot and then I mount my root
filesystem from floppy.  I have built a custom kernel
from the 2.4 devel tree using a cross compiler and I have dd'd a root
floppy using a debian chrp root.bin image.
When I boot the linux kernel, it asks me to insert the root floppy and hit
enter.  I do so and it soon after displays
a nice blue screen with centered grey field and black text. which says
Debian GNU Linux 2.2 boot floppy 2.2.23.  I hit enter,
the screen flashes up a dialog quickly which says something like, "The
installation program is determining the state of your system and the next
step of the installation procedure to be performed."  Then the screen
returns to the opening screen.  If I hit enter, it will repeat this
sequence ad nausem.

That sucks.

I can get to virtual terminal 2 and cd/ls about the filesystem.  I tried to
mount /dev/scd0 (My cdrom?) but it says the filesystem is read only and it
wont let me mount anything.  Which is weird
because, I can make a directory to mount the cdrom onto and mount says the
root filesystem is mounted rw.

Any idea what to do next?


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