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Hello Mr. BenH and others,

as an old time i386 linux user, I am planning to switch to powerpc linux
after buying a new TiBook (800MHz, ATI RADEON Mobility 7500 with
DVI output), which will also be my very first apple machine.
if it's not a bother to you, could you give me any last minute informations
about problems that may arise? maybe, could you also point me to an url
describing the installation and what is supported and what is not at present.
I have been using *NIX for quite a long time now, but this laptop
installation/configuration/running, given the amount of money the machine
costs,  scares me very bad. Morever, I can not afford to purchuse another
laptop in the case I fail and I cannot stand other operating systems than
linuxes - macos is not an option! ;-)
waiting for your kind reply I wish you all a good day!

Francesco Corona

Francesco Corona: fcorona@marte.dicm.unica.it
Dept. Chemical Engineering: www.dicm.unica.it
University of Cagliari, Italy

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