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Updated XFS enabled boot-floppies (and oldworld fix)


I have updated my XFS enabled set of boot-floppies to use the final
2.4.19 kernel along with a patch to fix a small file corruption bug in
XFS 2.4.19 split patches.

Note that the original version of my XFS boot-floppies were broken,
the base installation would fail, this was fixed on Aug 4, this is the
3rd revision done today, Aug 10th.

I also have seen several reports of the boot-hfs.img floppy not
working properly on most oldworld models, this is fixed in my set of
boot-floppies as well (please note that only the new-powermac flavor
is XFS enabled).  you won't be able to install XFS on an oldworld, but
at least the installer will boot, unlike the official debian images.


Ethan Benson

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