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Re: tiBook CPU speed

>Do you have any plans to try to integrate this with the cpu temperature
>detection so that it would automagically downclock when it runs too hot
>for too long?
>Might prolong the life of the machine a bit.

No, the internal CPU temperature stuff is broken, and not supported anymore
in the 745x family anyway.

There are some external (i2c based) temperature sensors in these machines,
though I haven't yet looked at that part too much.

Anyway, once that is merged with cpufreq, I'd rather let userland decide
on policy of what to do with CPU speed. Something else we may want to
implement is a way (sysctl ?) to control the ICTC (instruction cache
throttling). This has the effect of slowing down instruction fetching
by the CPU and lowering it's temperature & power consumption.


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