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Re: tiBook CPU speed

>	Go to the main penguinppc.org page.  Apparent BenH has gotten the 
>800Mhz TiBook's to run at native speed.  I have a hunch though, that 
>maybe the 667Mhz and 800Mhz TiBook's are exactly the same hardware, and 
>it is only a software hack to get them to go to 800Mhz (this is why the 
>speed throttling on the 800Mhz only goes down to 667Mhz).  Wouldn't it 
>be interesting if there was a hack so that all of a sudden the 667Mhz is 
>equal to the 800?  Since the rest of the machine is exactly the same 
>except for addon components like RAM and Airport, it certainly would 
>entice many people to get a low-end TiBook.  Who knows, hopefully BenH 
>will say something about it.

Heh... well. Moto only sells 600Mhz, 733Mhz and 800Mhz parts of this
CPU, so there are indeed chances that the 667 model can actually do
800Mhz ;) The PMU command won't let me choose a intermediate speed
though. It's also possible that the PMU is programmed on the 667 not
to do the switch.

You can try if you aren't afraid..., just get my latest rsync or bk
tree, then do

echo "cpu_low_speed=0" >/proc/pmu/options

And see what gets displayed.

But beware, I deny any responsibility if you fry your machine !

Note also that the code doing the switch is a bit rough for now,
though it appears to work, I intend to clean it up in a near future
and integrate it with the generic cpufreq stuff that is in -ac kernel
for x86 speedstep and some ARM-based devices.


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