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Re: Bug#153948: Need help with afio on powerpc


> FYI: this evening I'll be going over the -6 version which I downloaded 
> earlier from 
>      http://dirk.eddelbuettel.com/edd/code/debian/UnderReview/

Or if you want, you could use the actually released -6 version I made
last night. Should be on any Debian mirror, eg, here:


however it does still show -5 rather -6. Hm.
> When I'm done (hopefully by the end of the evening) I'll mail around a 
> patch file with the fix for the inode bug and any other changes/fixes I 
> can come up with.

Great -- much appreciated.  I'll prepare an informal -7 that for Stephen
and Dieter to test, and can then try to release that say on Sunday or
> Dirk: if you'd rather see a patch file against another version, tell me
> how to obtain that other version.  The later -6 version with the build 
> chanes might be available somewhere on the debian site, but on a quick 
> look I could not find an obvious place to check.

Try the link above.  But the only change between the unreleased -6 and
the real one was the conditional setting of CFLAGS1 in your Makefile
depending on whether or not we are on powerpc.  The code itself is

Cheers, Dirk
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