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Re: Bug#153948: Need help with afio on powerpc

FYI: this evening I'll be going over the -6 version which I downloaded 
earlier from 


When I'm done (hopefully by the end of the evening) I'll mail around a 
patch file with the fix for the inode bug and any other changes/fixes I 
can come up with.

Dirk: if you'd rather see a patch file against another version, tell me
how to obtain that other version.  The later -6 version with the build 
chanes might be available somewhere on the debian site, but on a quick 
look I could not find an obvious place to check.



On Fri, 2 Aug 2002, Dirk Eddelbuettel wrote:

> > I should problably mention that the bug with the large inode numbers (e.g. 
> > after recompiling X) that was discussed earlier today will affect the afio 
> > build on all platforms.
> Yes, I know. But I made my release last night 21:00 Central time before I got
> that message.
> Stephen:  Could you test Koen's suggested fix?  I'd make a -7 release given
> that my 'create and verify an afio archive' idea didn't work due to my use of the
> wrong hook in debian/rules.
> Dirk

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